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Custom Countertops and Flooring


Our custom countertops are resurfaced or built with a 1/8
" concrete overlay system and have the upscale look of granite, marble or concrete at a fraction of the cost of other surfaces. But unlike granite, this product never has to be sealed and has no seams! Granicrete has excellent adhesion to laminate, Formica®, tile, and wood countertops and quickly replicates the highest-end stone looks- chiseled edges, and easily creates tall back splashes. They are scratch and bacteria resistant and take heat up to 500°. It is a very eco-friendly product, since it can be used right over most of your existing surfaces and was featured on the "green" episode of HGTV's "Designed to Sell".  We have over 60 colors and various edge choices for you to choose from.  Beautiful, durable and sanitary, Granicrete countertops are the best choice for new construction or remodeling.  Quick installation and lower costs make it the ultimate surface for kitchens, baths, tabletops and other projects that call for a durable, yet beautiful finish.

Value, authenticity, and professionalism are the most common perceptions of our customers about the work by T-Squared, LLC.  Granicrete has been featured on television:  Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) Welcome Home (NBC) Flip That House (TLC) Designed to Sell (HGTV)

Our customers are quick to recognize the unparalleled cost-to-value for the installations we have done. 

High-end edging including chiseled edges without the high-end up charges; Seamless counters for added beauty; Repels stains like juice, wine, coffee; Resists household acids like lemons and dressings; Resists scorching and scratching;  Non-pourous - won't harbor bacteria; Lighter weight - no need to reinforce your cabinets; Installation only takes a couple days Bonds directly to Formica, tile, marble, or MDF surfaces; Provides scratch and heat resistance; FDA approved for commercial kitchens





With our affordable flooring system you can cover old worn concrete or tile with a custom stone finish.  This versatile overlay system is perfect for entryways, patios, pool decks, driveways and garages.  We are able to capture the look of bluestone, flagstone, slate, travertine and many other current styles.  With so many options and colors available you are sure to find one you love .  We can makeover your entryway or front porch, update an outdated sunporch or concrete patio,  resurface your pool deck or driveway.  How about a basement floor, garage or foyer? Hand troweling the Granicrete overlayment system turns ugly concrete and wood floors into custom stone finishes. For interior residential and commercial floors, it is frequently being turned to as an inexpensive upgrade from carpet, tile, and linoleum floors.  High-end custom homes are receiving 24”, 36”, and even 24”x48” tile specifications.  For exterior applications, its stunning looks turn heads on applications like pool decking, patios, driveways, walkways, entries, and garage floors. The range and versatility of stone types and colors is phenomenal.  Popular stone looks such as flagstone, slate, saltillo tile, brick, travertine, and even various wood finishes can be installed for you.